Immerse yourself in an organic permaculture inspired design for sustainable agriculture

It was 2008 when the Allen family first moved from Sydney to Nana Glen and began the development of a sustainable farming enterprise. Genuinely inspired after an intensive introduction to Permaculture with the patriarch of the movement, Bill Mollison along with his modern counterpart, Geoff Lawton, the first few years on the farm were spent observing and designing how to take a virgin farming canvas and overlay a design to support the family and connect with the community.

The farm development plan is centred around the evolution of a diverse range of micro enterprises entered around growing organic food, feeding people and providing education in food, farming and sustainability. Since 2010, Synchronicity Farm has been running farm tours to share the background and stories related to all of the individual elements. However, Permaculture is defined not by the individual elements on a farm but rather the ‘connections between elements’ that help to reduce wasted energy, time and resources, create multiple use, increase productivity and assist natural processes to occur.

Farm Tours are run every Saturday from 10am or can be arranged by appointment for small and medium groups. If there are specific topics that each group is interested in, Synchronicity Farm can work with your organiser to tailor a tour to focus on these areas.

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