Tourism Australia really got it right with their ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign.

It was in 2014 that the campaign for Restaurant Australia first launched and in the words of Tourism Australia, they recognised and highlighted that “Australia’s food and wine has become one of its greatest assets with a range and quality of produce that is second to none. Yet, remarkably, the appeal of Australian food and wine remains one of our best-kept secrets.”

This campaign has been a genuinely guiding light that has inspired food producers across Australia to recognise the exceptional culinary experiences that is available to prospective visitors.

Tourism Australia has also conducted extensive research that showed; “Australia is ranked second for its food and wine experiences (60%) after culinary giant France and ahead of Italy. Australia is ranked as the number one destination for food and wine for people who have visited from China, USA, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia the UK and South Korea.”

To raise awareness and engagement for tourists visiting Australia and those who have not, the flavour of the campaign globally highlights the idea that Australia could be the world’s greatest restaurant – Restaurant Australia. To read more about the key messages of the campaign click here

In recognition of the campaign, Synchronicity Farm is developing a series of farm tourism and food experiences in collaboration with travel agents. Together we design packages to suit individuals and groups wanting to attend authentic local food and farming events that are engaging, entertaining and informative which are designed to immerse visitors in an organic permaculture farm where they will witness first hand, the diversity, creativity and resilience of small farming enterprises as true stewards of the land.

Opportunities for Tourism Partners to register their interest to work with Synchronicity Farm is now open. Click here to register your interest and we will be in contact to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas.