Agribusiness FAQ’s

There are many questions that interested young farmers have been sending to us which we will answer here. As further questions come in, we will include them in the list and document the answers. If you have a burning question and need it answered ASAP, please send us a message via the contact details below.

1. Why is Synchronicity Farm interested in creating this opportunity for young farmers?
2. When will the Information Day be held for Farmers wanting to learn more about the opportunity?
3. How many Agribusiness Farmer positions are available?
4. Where is the land on offer located?
5. How much land has been allocated for lease?
6. What are the likely selection criteria for interested participants?
7. What are the terms and conditions of the lease arrangement?
8. What are the ‘cash crops’ that will grow in the region?
9. What is the quality of the soil with regard to fertility?
10.What will this program offer as services to help our Agribusiness Farmers to be more successful?
11. What are the channels to market available for farmers to sell the food they grow on this land?
12. What access to the land will be available to the Agribusiness Farmers?
13. Who is the primary contact for this Agribusiness Incubation Project?