What is the Agribusiness Incubation Program

Connecting with motivated young farmers we are looking to offer 0.5 to 2.5 acre market garden blocks to people interested in starting and running a generously supported agribusiness. Under carefully designed management contracts and leases, selected farmers will be able to access all of the resources they need to help them to be successful including;

  • machinery and equipment
  • irrigation and water
  • negotiated group discounts on farming inputs
  • formal mentoring support
  • access to ongoing skills training including online material and webinars
  • physical workshops and masterclasses
  • business and financial management advice
  • marketing support and reporting services
  • guaranteed channels to market to purchase their produce

Commencing with an Information Session and initial Workshop we will outline the leases available and offer an Application Process as the next step. Through an expert panel of management and mentors we will evaluate the applications and then invite the successful applicants to engage in a Formal Onboarding Process.

Selected applicants then participate in a training program that further prepares them for their agribusiness venture, enables sharing of ideas and skills across the farmer team while developing connections and friendships.

Once a comprehensive plan has been developed and approved, the farmer commences the implementation of their agribusiness.

Farmers can┬áregister your interest to be invited to the information day – Click Here

Teachers and Mentors interested in applying to assist the Farmers – Click Here



  • Farmers are leaving the land without a succession plan to have younger generation of farmers take over
  • The local farming community requires education and training to up-skill and develop their enterprises
  • There is available fertile arable land on our farm that is being under-utilised
  • People considering getting into farming and starting an agribusiness are looking for this opportunity
  • We are not able to accept orders from local wholesale clients and restaurants due to supply constraints
  • Our retail shop, restaurant and wholesale clients have significant supply needs and we have found it challenging to source all of the food we need locally and for an appropriate price