At Giving Tree our mission is to be a facilitator of knowledge and learning with a focus on rural and agricultural skills, food and cooking, farming, sustainability and health by helping people to reacquire artisan skills.

There is a positive surge of interest in our learning experiences that enrich lives by empowering people to satisfy their own basic needs.

Our events platform at Giving Tree supports people who are looking for a channel to promote their event and receive help to professionally manage the marketing and sales administration that supports its success.

As each teachers needs are unique, we work with the subject matter expert to design and agree on a package that ensures all stakeholders derive value from the event including the participants and the surrounding community.

Appreciating that each event needs to be designed around many variables, a good starting point is to fill out as much as you can in the form below and then we will contact you to set up a planning meeting.

Promote Your Event Form

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