Agritourism is growing in response to the increasing interest in the market for connection with farms involved in sustainable food production and education.

Seeking authenticity and a back to basics approach to farming the community has embraced the importance and the value of ‘knowing your farmer’ and seeking out local organic food.

We partner with clients and tour operators to customise and quote on experiences around diverse themes to suit the event. We have an awesome space in a natural setting that can accommodate groups, large and small.

You are welcome to visit during opening hours for a casual walk around just to have a look for yourself or if you are looking for a guided tour full of stories and explanations by one of our experienced guides, the details are below.

Guided Tours 



  • Australia as a food tourism destination captures the interest of international and local visitors
  • People enjoy being immersed in a working organic farm designed using Permaculture principals
  • Our hope is to inspire people interested in sustainable living through sharing our story
  • We value the exchange of ideas with visitors to the farm
  • Farm Tourism offers learning opportunities not available to many city and town based dwellers
  • Reconnecting with authentic farm experiences drives positive social and economic outcomes
  • Small farming is the way that the world needs to evolve to feed a growing population
  • We have experience working with diverse groups interested in designing unique experiences