Are you a student that is into farming, gardening or animals? You might have heard about Synchronicity Farm and reckon that this would be a great place to have a school excursion?

Well….. you’re right. We can host your school excursion here at the farm.

Here are some of the reasons you can tell your teacher that KidFarmer at Synchronicity Farm would be a great place to learn about food, farming, animals, sustainability and more while having fun.

  • It is a great opportunity to see lots of different sorts of food growing
  • There are farm animals to meet and see how to take care of them
  • The school class can do a cooking activity with a big wood fired oven
  • The farm is a permaculture designed organic farm that supports human needs
  • Students can learn about sustainability and the environment
  • Discover new small farming ideas for your school’s gardens
  • Visit the Orara River and learn about native flora and fauna to the valley

If you would like to get us in touch with your school, simply fill out the details below and we will come and do a presentation for your teachers so they can find out what we are all about.

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