What is KidFarmer

Our vision is to inspire the next generation of active, highly capable, enlightened, transformative leaders through kids, parents, teachers, farmers and organisations involved in the KidFarmer Experience.

We are instrumental in providing a positive program to empower kids with real life skills. Through our programs we can assist to motivate kids to form life long food based habits that lead to good food choices. We reconnect them to the reality of where their food really comes from and encourage them to select fresh and raw over processed foods.

KidFarmer provides the opportunity for kids to have meaningful experiences that will motivate them to seek further knowledge and drive positive action towards different lifestyle choices.

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We know that parents (usually responsible for the family’s food choices) also need to be positively influenced and learn from their kids in order to drive significant change. We want to educate parents through the Kidfarmer Experience about the reasons for eating local and organic, seeking out fair trade products and really caring about the origin and story behind their food.

Through connection with parents of the kids that participate, we want to motivate them to want to engage with the adult learning opportunities (on fermented foods, cooking healthy food, gardening, farming, sustainability etc) so that they can then take those newfound skills home and make a positive impact on their child’s health.



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  • Kids have become disconnected from the life cycle of food due to city living
  • By involving kids in meaningful food and farming experiences we can get them to be active and passionate about food and farming
  • We can positively influence and inspire parents who generally make family food choices
  • There is so much we can learn from young people about what sort of future they want
  • We want to inspire sustainability advocates, animal lovers, chefs and young farmers
  • By helping kids to develop a love of food and farming they will become change makers