Its an inter-generational reality that many kids just don’t get to visit farms to see where their food comes from. Some kids cant even identify the common varieties of fresh vegetables growing straight from the ground, let alone heirloom varieties.

In classrooms, which are often limited in form or function, learning is more theoretical. In the farming environment of KidFarmer, its a tactile sensory experience designed to create long lasting and meaningful memories to inspire our youth and generate interest in different lifestyle choices.

Teachers we work with are looking for an authentic and engaging student farm experience with educational learning opportunities that extend what can be achieved inside the classroom.

When considering the garden, cooking table, animal enclosure and the riverbank as an extended natural learning environment, the possibilities for meaningful connections and creative ideas are brought to life.

At Synchronicity Farm we provide teachers with inclusions to design flexible programs that meet a range of curriculum objectives through real-life learning opportunities.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or teleconference to discuss your ideas further and cover questions to assist in your planning, please complete the application form below.

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