What is our Paddock to Plate vision?

In early 2015 we launched our ‘Paddock to Plate’ events which will soon be complimented by a restaurant being designed and approved which will be built right here on Synchronicity Farm. When we relaunch, our food experience will provide the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce, prepared minutes after harvest in a wholesome, slow-food style.

The large commercial wood fired oven we have built can cook 12 pizzas simultaneously within less than a few minutes at around 350 degrees celsius. We have also been testing our skills at sourdough breads and this rustic fresh bread will soon be on offer daily.

With 20 years of passionate food experience along with guest chefs, the restaurant that we are building will offer a culturally diverse culinary experience that will be unmatched in the region.

The community kitchen at the centre of the restaurant development is intended to become a shared infrastructure for the local community to utilise to be able to create value added produce from local ingredients which we will sell in our shop.

For years we have enjoyed sharing cooking skills and special knowledge with many creative and experimental food enthusiasts who want to share ideas that can be ‘passed down’ from generation to generation.

Once the development is reopened we will also offer prepared foods that have been carefully slow cooked over many hours in traditional ways using authentic farm fresh ingredients. While customers will be able to easily pick up this ‘fast food’ it will offer the healthiest, great tasting and highly nutritious option to enjoy the unique Synchronicity Farm food experience in the comfort of your own home.





  • There are few restaurants in the region that offer an authentic paddock to plate experience
  • Consumers seek connection with their food, its origin, farming methods and key merits
  • There is no ability to order wood fired pizza or high quality take home meals in the Orara valley
  • Opportunity to share high quality food that has been prepared, preserved and value added
  • People recognise the importance of eating seasonally for maximum nutrition
  • Food is being kept in cold storage and transported long distances which reduces food values
  • Activities that bring communities together to allow information sharing builds skills and drives positive action