Mentors, Teachers, Seasoned Farmers….. this is a great opportunity to get involved with a social enterprise that values your skills and experience, learned over time from practicing what you preach.

We recognise that it takes years to become an expert, often through trial and error, having a good old Aussie go and learning from others. Now is your time to shine by supporting passionate young farmers who want to work the land with guidance and advice from farmers that have done it before.

When you ask yourself these questions, if the answer to any of them is ‘Yes’ then we want to meet you.

  • Do you have farming skills that you would like to share with young farmers?
  • Have you formally been a teacher of Agriculture, Organic Farming or Permaculture
  • Do you already have skills as an Agribusiness Mentor?

Register your interest today as a Mentor or Teacher by completing the details below and we will contact you to set up a meeting and invite you to the first Information Day.

Agribusiness Mentor Registration Form

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