Fresh Food Membership Model Launching

Driven by requests of many customers who want to be purchasing fresh food and related products from Synchronicity Farm, we have been designing a new and exciting business model for these most valued supporters.

Launching at Synchronicity Farm in 2016 is a new food model that will provide a unique paddock to plate channel to purchase exclusively organic produce and exceptional quality foods at prices that are significantly lower than seen in the supermarket environment and other local sales outlets.

In addition to the savings that customers will be able to access, the real benefit of shopping directly from our farm gate will be the ability to receive produce that is guaranteed to be 100% chemical free direct from farmers, often harvested within less than 24 hours before sale therefore preserving quality, nutritional value and taste.

Our dedicated food aficionados genuinely love that they know the full story behind the food that we sell including how it was grown, details about its transport and storage, how it was packaged and treated between harvest and sale. It will be a very transparent offering that will satisfy people who love to know everything about the food their family eats.

Complimenting the range of raw fresh food on offer will be woodfired breads baked on site, meats, cheeses and dried goods to satisfy even the most discerning chef. Synchronicity Farm has opened a new online channel inviting customers to pre-register your interest to find out more
and understand how you will be able to access the best food in the region.

Click here to pre-register.