Leave Your Money At Home……Just bring your dough!!!

Launching in 2016, Synchronicity Farm will offer our wood fired oven up to the community to use for 3 hours every week.

The concept is centred simply around inspiring home chefs, casual and experienced bakers and food lovers in the local area to come together and use this exceptional oven to cook whatever they are passionate about cooking.

The oven will be fired up for cooking bread around 200-250 degrees celsius with good humidity to develop that thick chewy crust however what participants choose to cook is entirely their choice.

Once baked goods start to come out of the oven, an unregulated bartering event will take place where people can choose to swap things that they have cooked with items that others have made. The idea is that although you might have prepared and baked four loaves of bread, you might swap three of those for some scones, an apple tart and two croissants.

Joshua and Tomoko who run Synchronicity Farm said “We know that there are lots of artisan bakers with exceptional skills and knowledge to share. It is our hope that by bringing these people together in a social way centred around food, that there will be a sharing of recipes and techniques that can improve the skills of all participants, inspire new friendships, increase the collective health and well being of the community and create an opportunity for sharing and connection.”

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